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Implant and ToothDental Implant Questions for Dr. Michael Nugent:

1. What is the difference between Dental Implant and a Bridges?

Dental implants replace the missing tooth without having to cut on healthy teeth. With dental bridges, healthy teeth must be cut down so that a bulky bridge can be put on top of the teeth. The cut down teeth are more likely to need root canals. Keeping a bridge clean is very difficult and often the teeth decay. This necessitates more treatment and often larger problems. With dental implants you brush and floss just like natural teeth. Also, the implant does not decay.

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Partial Denture Pasadena Texas2. What is better a Dental Implant or a Partial Denture?

Dental implants are permanent and do not come out. They allow much greater chewing force then partial dentures. Partial dentures are bulky, have large amounts of plastic and alter the tastes of foods. Partial dentures allow food to get trapped underneath the metal and plastic and have to be taken out to be cleaned. At night partial dentures have to be placed in a cup full of water. Your teeth are supposed to be in your mouth not it a glass of water. Implant offer permanent teeth replacement options that do not come out.

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