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Tooth Loss = Bone Loss


Teeth are implanted in the jawbone. The bone is there to hold the teeth in place. When a tooth is lost the bone that supported that tooth is no longer needed. Thus, the bone starts to rapidly disappear.

Bone Loss can be prevented with Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that preserves bone levels. The implants transmit the forces of chewing into the bone. This stimulates the bone to stay healthy and strong.

Is bone loss usual following tooth extraction?

Numerous studies have indicated that around 30% of the alveolar ridge is lost as a result of resorption after tooth extraction. According to studies, approximately two-thirds of the afflicted hard and soft tissues resorb during the first three months post extraction. The majority of the bone loss occurs within the first six months of the treatment. Following then, the resorption rate increases at a rate of 0.5-1% every year on average. Furthermore, an estimated 50% of alveolar bone breadth is lost within 12 months post extraction, with 30% occurring within the first 12 weeks.


Prevent premature aging with dental implants. Once bone is lost it is extremely difficult and expensive to get back. If you are losing your teeth or have lost all of your teeth, come talk to Pasadena Dentist Dr. Nugent. Let him explain your options and how implant dentistry can help you.

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