Tips from the Dentist

Pasadena Texas Family Dentist Michael Nugent give dental tips. What is Gingivitis? Gingivitis is an infection of the periodontal (gum) tissue often caused by plaque. Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to more serious gum problems. Signs include red, swollen and bleeding gum tissue. What is plaque? Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that grows […]

Pediatric and Child Dentistry

Kids Dentist Pasadena, Texas In earlier generations people grew up almost expecting to have cavities when we went to the dentist. Having the dentist poke, prod, anesthetize and drill for an hour was considered normal. However, that is not the case anymore! Times have changed! Today, our children (and parents) have greater dental knowledge. For […]

Scared to go to the Dentist?

 Sedation Dentistry Pasadena Texas Afraid of what the Dr. Nugent or the Dental Hygienist Will See?‏ You do not have to be embarrassed. Whatever your past dental experiences you have had in the past are in the past. Dr. Nugent is happy you made the first step by scheduling an appointment with a leader in […]

What is Dental Plaque

Pasadena, Texas Family Dentist What is Dental Plaque? Plaque is a sinister colorless substance. Plaque forms a sticky biofilm that coats your teeth and creates an environment where bacteria can destroy tooth enamel, cause gum disease, infect the nerve, and in severe cases, tooth loss. Foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates are some of the […]

Denture Care

  Pasadena, Texas Denture Dentist Todays Dentures are made from very materials designed to give you a natural appearance. But dentures still need excellent care. This includes daily brushing and regular visits to Dr. Nugent. Regular visits are critical because Dr. Nugent can make minor adjustments to your dentures. These adjustments will help your dentures […]

Good Oral Hygiene

Pasadena, Texas Family Dentist Healthy Kissing: Excellent Oral Hygiene Leads to Great Kisses Kick the smoking habit. Almost everyone has heard the smoking is bad for your health.  Tobacco products taste horrible to your partner, but tobacco increases your risk for oral cancer and periodontal (gum) disease. If you don’t kick the tobacco habit for […]

Dental Implant Dentures

  Dental Implant Dentures for Pasadena and Deer Park, Texas Wearing old fashioned dentures is like having fake hands. They make look like real hands but holding a pen and writing your name with them is impossible. Dentures are not a replacement for teeth.  Dentures are a replacement for no teeth. Chewing force is greatly […]

Dentist Pasadena TX | Breast Cancer and Gum Disease

  Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent I just read a new article linking periodontal disease (gum disease) and breast cancer was published in the journal of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, October 19, 2010. This was the first study linking periodontal disease and breast cancer. Doctors have known about the link between gum disease […]

Dental Office Pasadena TX

  Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Nugent Dr. Michael Nugent is a General and Family Dentist located at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas. His office is truly special. A caring staff and doctor focused on you the patient. Everyone at the office is dedicated to creating a awesome and pleasant dental experience that is […]

Senior Dentistry and Geriatric Dentistry

Dr. Nugent
understands the challenges and dental problems that come about in elderly patients. Lack of mobility or resources in order to get to the dentist can be difficult for seniors. Also, decreased manually dexterity from arthritis can cause difficulty with brushing and flossing. Furthermore, older patients tend to be on more medicine and these medicines can cause dry mouth and lead to root caries. Dr. Nugent has the compassion, experience and understanding to provide seniors with outstanding quality dental care.

Special considerations and challenges for seniors include:

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