Teeth Whitening 77505

At-home teeth whitening At-home teeth whitening is a great way to increase the beauty of your smile. The active ingredient in at-home whitening gels is either carbamide peroxide. The bleaching solution is applied to the teeth via a customized application trays. The whitening trays made by our dental office are custom to your teeth. Thus, […]

Common Dental Problems for Seniors

Senior Citizen Dentist Pasadena, Texas It is not uncommon to experience dental problems as we get older. Seniors do not let tooth pain, tooth damage, or tooth loss prevent you from enjoying your golden years. At our Pasadena, Texas cosmetic dental office, Dr. Michael Nugent focuses on patient-centered treatment to ensure satisfaction and comfort. What […]

Pasadena Family Dentistry Overview

Pasadena Texas Family and Cosmetic Dentistry: It is not very often that you find a cosmetic dentist with the experience in producing stunning smile makeovers who also offers brilliant general and family dentistry for patients of all ages. Nonetheless, you will find exactly such a dentist in Dr. Michael Nugent. At our Pasadena Texas cosmetic […]

77504 Dental Implant Pasadena Dentist

What is a Dental Implant?   A Dental Implant is a small titanium cylinder that is placed into your jawbone. There the bone in your jaw grows around the dental implant. The implant will act like the root of a natural tooth. Dental Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth that will keep you […]

Dentures 77504

What are dentures?​ Dentures are on way to replace missing teeth. Patients lose or may be missing their teeth for a variety of reasons, including: Poor Oral Hygiene Periodontal (Gum Disease) Genetic Defects Diet or Medications Trauma Dentures can restore SOME of your chewing abilities and improve the appearance of the smile that is missing […]

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Pasadena, Texas

Do you Snore? Or is it Sleep Apnea When the jaw opens and the tongue falls into the back of the throat, the airway narrows forcing air through the smaller opening. The same volume of air must get to the lungs so the air speed is increased. The velocity of the air causes the back […]

Pasadena Texas Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Pasadena, Texas   How Is America’s Sleep? Sleep deficiency might not sound that bad once in a while, but it is a truly serious problem that many people suffer from.  On average, Americans get between six and eight hours of sleep a night.  Some feel wonderful with five or less […]

Teeth Bleaching in 77504

Pasadena, Texas Teeth Bleaching Teeth whitening procedures have become more and more popular. With daily consumption of teeth staining coffee, wine, and tea rising, so has the need to find a method to effectively bring back a beautiful, white smile. Professional Whitening Trays What makes dental whitening kits so popular is that they can be […]

Night Guards Prevent Teeth Grinding

Pasadena Texas Night Guards: Patients can grind their teeth at night. This is a destructive action the damages the teeth. A night guard can help protect the teeth by taking the forces of this grinding. The night guard gets worn down and damaged and NOT the teeth. The night guard is easily replaceable. Replacing all […]

Sports Mouth Guards by the Dentist

Pasadena, Texas Sports Guard Custom-fit mouth guards are prescribed and created by a dental professional from thermoplastic material and are made off a detailed mold taken of your mouth and teeth. No boil and bite store bought guards here. Our custom made mouth guards are perfect to protect the teeth during physical sports. These sports […]

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