A New Tooth

Dr. Nugent changed my life!

I will never forget hearing those words from one of my dental implant patients. It perfectly captured the emotional toll that losing a tooth takes on people. My patient was a beautiful young mom who felt insecure because of the tooth she had lost years earlier. With her new tooth, she was once again free to smile without covering her mouth with her hand.  She can enjoy her favorite foods again and more importantly has her self-confidence back.

Another patient said:

“When I lost a tooth in the back of my mouth, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to chew on that side anymore. Dr. Nugent told me how he replaced lost teeth on his parents with dental implants. He told me that the best dental treatment was to get an implant. I was concerned about whether this new tooth would feel natural or not. It has been over a year since he put it in and it feels just like a regular tooth. Thanks Dr. Nugent!”

Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

A dental implant is the only way to replace the entire tooth structure. Old fashioned options like bridges or partial dentures only replace the top portion of the lost tooth. Because dental implants replace the entire tooth they look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Plus, dental implants can never get decay and will never need a root canal.

Complete Dental Implant Placement

A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that preserves and stimulates the jawbone. Plus, placing a dental implant does not damage adjacent teeth like a bridge does.

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas


Dental Implants Pasadena Texas


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Pasadena Texas Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants

  • Dental implants provide an excellent long-term and cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth.
  • A secure, pleasant fit that appears and feels natural, without the slippage associated with conventional dentures.
  • Implants safeguard your jawbones and natural bone against future health complications. Dental Implants preserve bone.
  • Dental implants permit you to preserve your smile.
  • Dental implants, unlike removable dentures, are inserted in the mouth and do not require removal for maintenance.
  • No other adjacent teeth must be damaged with dental implants.
  • You can speak and eat ordinarily without difficulty.
  • You will no longer be embarrassed by missing teeth

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Dental Implant Parts

Define Dental Implants.

For over four decades, dental implants have maintained their preeminent position as the best substitute for natural teeth. Implants are self-supporting prosthetic teeth comprised of titanium posts that are permanently fused to the jaw. A dental crown is affixed to the implant post, it exhibits an exceptional similarity to an authentic tooth, both in terms of its visual and functional attributes. Additionally, an implant can provide structural support for a dental bridge, partial denture, or complete denture, thereby establishing the most efficient alternative to tooth replacement in the annals of dentistry.

Bone loss after Tooth ExtractionWhat occurs following tooth loss?

When a natural tooth is extracted, a significant proportion of the jawbone’s volume is also eliminated. Resorption (bone loss and shrinkage) is a natural process that causes the bone to incur. As a consequence, the remaining teeth are prone to misalignment, which can substantially impair one’s oral health.

Disturbances such as crowding, shifting, imbalanced chewing patterns, dysfunction of the mandible joint, and alterations in physical appearance are all undesirable outcomes associated with tooth loss. However, a considerable number of these adverse effects may be avoided or mitigated by opting for a tooth replacement that can execute the same functions as an authentic tooth.

Am I eligible for implant therapy?

Dental implants are suitable for the vast majority of healthy adults who are missing teeth. Regardless of the degree of tooth loss (limited or extensive), customized dental implants have the capability to compensate for the absence of natural teeth. Patients who desire a complete dental appearance, a balanced and expansive chewing surface, and individuals who are dissatisfied with their existing partials, bridges, or dentures should consider dental implants. Dental implants remain a feasible alternative even in cases where a tooth has been absent for an extended period of time, and the optimal candidate for implants does not have to be a certain age.