10 Tips for a Healthy Smile: Dr. Michael Nugent, Dentist | Pasadena, TX

10 Tips for a Healthy Smile: Dr. Michael Nugent, Dentist | Pasadena, TX

Dr. Michael Nugent is a dentist in Pasadena, TX, and has been practicing dentistry since 2005. He specializes in many dental services, including family, cosmetic, sedation, and general dentistry. His number one priority is his patients and that they receive the very best dental care in Pasadena, TX. This is why Dr. Nugent has provided you with the top 10 tips for a healthy smile!

Tip #1 – Brush your teeth twice per day.

It’s important to brush your teeth regularly for optimal oral health. Brushing is the only way to remove plaque, an invisible film of bacteria that builds up on tooth surfaces over time. Plaque can cause cavities or gum disease if left untreated. You should brush at least two times per day, once in the morning and again before bedtime. You should brush your teeth for at least 60 seconds with toothpaste. Don’t brush immediately after eating, as this can irritate the gums and cause bleeding! 

Tip # 2 – Use fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride toothpaste is a key to proper dental care and helps prevent cavities and reduce the risk of dental cavities. Fluoride can strengthen teeth by making them more resistant to decay, especially if it’s applied as soon as a cavity starts forming. Using fluoride regularly will also help replenish the body with this mineral to continue building strong teeth and bones throughout life.

Choose a toothpaste with at least 1,000 ppm (parts per million) fluoride for maximum protection against cavities and fluorosis (a condition caused by too much fluoride.) For children under eight years old, we recommend using only a pea-sized amount on their brush during supervised brushing sessions only.

Tip # 3 – Use dental floss every day.

Flossing can help us avoid getting cavities and gum disease, leading to tooth loss if not treated. Flossing removes bacteria from between the teeth where brushing cannot reach. You should floss at least once per day for two minutes with 12 inches of floss each time (or use an electric or powered water jet device).

What’s the best way to make sure you are using dental floss frequently enough? There are many ways, but here are two quick tips: keep it by your toothbrush or in your bathroom drawer, so it’s always nearby when needed, or set the alarm on your phone as a reminder!

Tip #4 – Use mouthwash after brushing and flossing.

We all know that brushing and flossing are the best ways to have a healthy smile. Many people don’t realize that you should also use mouthwash after these two steps for optimal dental health. Mouthwash can be an excellent addition when completing your oral care routine. Mouthwash helps kill residual bacteria in the mouth following brushing and flossing, something which either of those methods alone cannot do. 

Tip #5 – Eat healthy foods.

We’ve all heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” This is true for your teeth as well! If you want healthy teeth and gums, you must practice eating a diet balanced with foods high in calcium and vitamin A.

Eating healthy foods is one of the most important things you can do for your oral health. Eating foods like green vegetables, apples, and oranges will help to keep your teeth strong and cavity-free. Avoiding processed carbs like white bread, cookies, and crackers will also go a long way in helping to prevent cavities. Food high in sugar and fats can lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

Tip #6 – Avoiding hard foods that can damage tooth enamel.

The key to maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile is all about preventing any damage to the teeth. One of the best ways to do this is by avoiding hard foods that can cause tooth enamel erosion, like very hard nuts or ice chips. Tooth enamel is the outermost layer on your tooth that protects them from bacteria. If you don’t take care of your tooth enamel, then there are various risks, including sensitivity, pain, cavities, and more. This can lead to the need for other dental procedures like root canals, fillings, extractions, and dental implants.

Tip #7 – Drink water instead of soda or fruit juice.

Fruit juices and sodas have added sugar and calories, leading to weight gain, cavities, and tooth decay. Drinking water instead of these other drinks will help your teeth stay healthy! 

Tip #8 – Avoid tobacco products that can cause gum disease.

You might not think about it, but your daily habits impact your oral health. Smoking is one of the worst habits to have when you want healthy teeth and gums!

How does smoking affect your oral health? Tobacco use can lead to many diseases that can cause damage to the mouth’s tissues, including gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. Not only is tobacco smoke terrible for your body in general – it can be very damaging to your teeth as well! 

Tip #9 – Visit your local dental office regularly for cleanings and check-ups.

Twice annual check-ups are recommended by dentists everywhere, and most insurance providers cover preventative care. A dental hygienist will conduct a thorough cleaning in the office. Your dentist will be able to see problems early on before they get worse or lead to other severe issues like tooth decay or gum disease. Even if you already do a great job of taking care of your teeth at home, keeping a regular, twice-yearly dentist appointment is important. Regular visits to your dentist’s office are also necessary because plaque build-up can cause tooth loss if left unchecked, leading to the need for root canals, fillings, extractions, and dental implants in the future.

Tip #10 – Use a good-quality toothbrush.

A good quality toothbrush is one of the most important tools in maintaining a healthy smile. The bristles of your brush should be soft, and the head should be round to reach all areas of your teeth and gums. It is highly recommended to replace your toothbrush every three months. A new toothbrush will also help remove any bacteria that may have accumulated on your old brush, which could contribute to bad breath. 

There are many different brushes available today, from manual to electric powered brushes with various features such as built-in timers or antibacterial bristles. We recommend whatever feels comfortable and suits your needs. Remember to replace toothbrushes for your children every three months, too!

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